A mother all the way from Hyderabad shares her heartwarming experience with AMANI Birth:

I am from Hyderabad, India. I took my AMANI Birth parents' workshop for my 5th child with doula and VBAC coach, Zehra Batool. MashaAllah, she was very informative, understanding and afterwards I even hired her as my virtual doula.

Eight months back I was able to have my natural birth in a hospital, without any medications. After taking the workshop my husband and I felt very empowered and educated about the birthing process; something which we were longing for since our first child. We used to think that having a natural birth is an unattainable feat, especially in this era where not many professionals are aware about the importance and techniques of natural childbirth.

The good thing about AMANI Birth is that it gives you the knowledge about the pros and cons of medications as well. 

Alhamdulillah, since then me and my husband have become ambassadors of AMANI Birth. There are lots of families who are benefiting from the knowledge that the program offers. We have even conducted a few hours of workshops on VBAC preparation in our city with the help of doula Zehra Batool, as the rate of C section surgeries is currently at its peak.

May Allah bless AMANI Birth team, sister Aisha Al Hajjar, who is the pioneer of AMANI Birth, as well as sister Zehra Batool for facilitating and helping us accomplish our desired birthing dream, and that of so many families. 

 💪Really, knowledge is power!