Testimonial Tuesdays

A mother all the way from Hyderabad shares her heartwarming experience with AMANI Birth: I am from Hyderabad, India. I took my AMANI Birth parents' workshop for my 5th child with doula and VBAC coach, Zehra Batool. MashaAllah, she was very informative, understanding and afterwards I even hired her as my virtual doula. Eight months back I was able to have my natural birth in a hospital, without any medications. After taking the workshop my husband and I felt very empowered and educated about the birthing process; something which we were longing for since our first child. We used to [...]

Implications of Environmental Stressors on Birth Physiology

Pregnant women across the globe practice in their own way of preparing for their births. with their hearts set on the best outcome for their babies. Such is the pure, dedicated heart of a mother that she easily forgets about her own needs, and often fails to appreciate the fact that taking care of her needs, in reality, helps to create the positive and safe birth that she rightfully desires. Although two separate individuals, a mother and baby are linked as one (also referred to as mother-baby dyad), therefore any stressful event affecting the laboring mother directly influences the baby [...]

Testimonial Tuesdays

We all agree, birth is a remarkable event in any woman's life. Cradling her baby in her womb for the entire gestation of her pregnancy--meeting her baby in a safe and sound manner--always remains on top of a woman's priorities. As much as our energies pivot at ensuring baby's health and well-being throughout the laboring and birthing process, AMANI Birth's emphasis on guarding and sanctifying the laboring mother's birthing experience and laboring environment is equally stressed upon. After all, healthy and happy mothers make healthy and happy babies! Today, we are thrilled to include a remarkable testimonial of a client [...]

Realities of Becoming a Birth Consumer

Realities of Becoming a Birth Consumer By Umm Layth The problem with learning about the many choices we have during labor and birth is actually finding care providers who will honor the ones we want to make. And when I say care providers, I don’t just mean doctors or midwives. I mean anyone and everyone who plays a part in the care we receive. For example, just this week I learned that my insurance company, which was chosen for me by the state I live in, doesn’t cover home births. I also learned that my particular state doesn’t allow free-standing [...]

من هي الدولا

ترجمة مقال كتبته : عائشة الحجار يتزايد الطلب على خدمات الدولا اكثر واكثر حول العالم واصبجت معروفة بشكل افضل. والحقيقة اصبجت الدولا مطلوبة بشكل اعتيادي في العديد من الدول المتقدمة مثل امريكا وبريكانيا وايرلندا وكندا. كما انها معروفة في الشرق في سنغافورة وبروني واندونيسيا وماليزيا ونيوزيلاندا وغيرها. وحتى في الدول العربية يتواجد عدد كبير منهن في دول مثل الامارات العربية المتحدة والمملكة العربية السعودية والكويت والعراق وقطر وعمان والبحرين والاردن ومصر والحمدلله. ولكن يبدو ان اصول المهنة ومبادئها تبدو حديثة في بعض دول العالم الاسلامي مثل تركيا وفلسطين وباكستان والهند. ولذا نقدم هنا اضاءة على مهنة الدولا. اصبحت خدمات الدولا [...]

What is a Doula?

DOULA services for labor/birth and the postpartum period are becoming more and more popular and well known worldwide. In fact they are becoming common-place in many developed nations such as the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, etc. Even in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Egypt there are growing numbers of doulas available, masha’Allah. However, the concept seems to be fairly new amongst the Muslim populations and in countries such as Turkey, Palestine, Pakistan and, India.  All of these countries are home to AMANI Birth Doulas, alhamdulelah. In fact, AMANI affiliates [...]

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