AMANI Birth Affiliate Spotlight: Luthfa Khalid

AMANI Birth Affiliate Number: 452050 Training Workshop Location: Riyadh Date of Training: Riyadh, March 2016 Why did you choose to become an AMANI Doula/CBE? Having a medical background, I believed I knew everything that I needed to know about pregnancy, labor and birth. When I was planning to conceive, a good friend introduced me to AMANI, and I read their book. I registered for the course thinking what harm would it do to listen to someone talk to us about the same. I wasn't even pregnant when I registered as I was a newly married woman. When I was taking [...]

Dressing Up For Birth

By Maria Zain We live in a world that thrives on appearances. So much so, that the Muslim dress code is often torn apart in all sorts of media, by all sorts of writers. Often enough, a muslimah writer will stand her ground and describe her hijab or her niqab and explain how it was her choice to wear it. A debate will ensue. Some will ask why make a big deal, others will question her declaration of her choice – was she really free to make that decision? Whichever way you look at it, the clothes a woman wears [...]

معاملة مأساوية  

معاملة مأساوية ~ وأهمية مشاعر الأم عائشة الحجار - ترجمة نور سلمان مقتبس مما وصلنا مؤخرًا من إحدى قصص الولادة: "تسرب ماء الرحم... ولكن لمّا يبدأ الألم. كنت مطمئنة لأنني أحسست بحركة طفلتي... [وأردت] البقاء في المنزل حتى بداية  مرحلة الطلق النشط. ولكن أمي كانت قلقة جدًا فذهبنا للمستشفى... ولم يأت الطلق بعد. فحصتني الطبيبة فحصًا مزعجًا ومؤلمًا وأقرت بعدم توسع عنق الرحم، ثم أرسلتني لعمل فحص السونار. أظهر الفحص أن وزن الجنين ٤ كغ وأن ماء الرحم قليل لا يكفي الجنين لذا طلبت الطبيبة تسجيل دخولي المستشفى وقالت إذا لم يأتيني المخاض،فسيحفزونه، وأن نبض الجنين عالٍ فإذا ما انخفض، [...]

Realities of Becoming a Birth Consumer

Realities of Becoming a Birth Consumer By Umm Layth The problem with learning about the many choices we have during labor and birth is actually finding care providers who will honor the ones we want to make. And when I say care providers, I don’t just mean doctors or midwives. I mean anyone and everyone who plays a part in the care we receive. For example, just this week I learned that my insurance company, which was chosen for me by the state I live in, doesn’t cover home births. I also learned that my particular state doesn’t allow free-standing [...]

Sharing the Miracle of Natural Birth

By:  Aisha Al Hajjar, AMANI Birth Founder During my eighth pregnancy I was living in the Egypt where childbirth education was virtually unheard of, general anesthesia for second stage labor was still used for many cases, and elective cesareans was the trend. I felt compelled to bring quality childbirth education to the women of this region. However, I was expecting to find a lot of obstacles and I wasn’t sure if women would be interested in non-medicated, natural birth. I also knew it would be difficult to find supportive obstetricians. I prayed that my work would improve the births for [...]

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